International Maritime Satire Week I

Jonathan Swift, author of “A Modest LCS CONOPS Proposal”
Jonathan Swift, author of “A Modest LCS CONOPS Proposal”

Our first International Maritime Satire Week ran from 28 Sep-10 Oct, 2012. We hope you enjoy the results – we swear they’re better than our Photoshop skills displayed above!

The Articles:

SECNAV Reintroduces Grog in the US Navy
CNO Introduces Equal Opportunity Red Teams
Pentagon Announces Sequestration Scenario for Navy
U.S. Navy Introduces New LCS Mission Packages
Iranian Navy Plans to Alleviate Burden of Global Maritime Responsibilities from the United States
Mothership Tours and Skiff Rides at Somali Piracy Week
Putin Announces New, Innovative Naval Policy: Build Massive Navy
SECNAV Scrambles to Find Chit for $2 Trillion
President Deploys US 10th Fleet to Cyberspace
9th Season of “Deadliest Catch” to Film in the South China Sea

And the Tweets:

– Autobiography Reveals Alfred T. Mahan Spent Nights Secretly Writing “Twilight” Fan Fiction
– Following Success of Shipboard Breathalyzers, SECNAV Introduces New Parental Chaperone Program
– UAV Weds Topgun Instructor
– General Atomics Partners with Cyberdyne for New T-800 Drone
– US Joins UNCLOS; Washington Immediately Seized by UN Forces
– Sign-up now for winter Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Navy Photoshop Seminars!
– Xinhua Oped Says Great Barrier Reef a Sacred and Integral Part of China
– New Somalia National Government Developing a Bailout Package for Failing Piracy Industry
– Admiral’s Staff Completes PowerPoint Magnum Opus – To Be Performed at 1630 Brief.
– Sneak Preview of CNO’s US Navy Birthday Message: “Antarctica Will be Ours!”
– IRGCN Admiral says Iranian Navy Plans to Patrol US Great Salt Lake
– North Korea Loses 4 Patrol Boats in Skirmish with South Along Border, Declares “Glorious Unparalleled Victory”
– US Navy to Power Great Blue Fleet with Unobtainium
– Chinese name second aircraft carrier “Panda Express”
– US Navy CO Fired to Meet Navy Times Quota
– MQ-8B Fire Scout Spends Crew Rest Dominating Friends on X-Box
– Pakistan Says Claims Osama Bin Laden Found in Abottabad “Insultingly Untrue”
– Spain Says Iran Has Secret Vintner Tech, Crossing Red Wine Line; Ahmejinedad Threatens to Close Strait of Gibraltar

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