Kickstarter Contributors

We at CIMSEC owe a hearty thanks to the following contributors for helping us keep our operations going and allowing us to provide you with a range of innovative opportunities.  Although our campaign is over, we encourage you to consider donating at any time to help us continue to improve.

CIMSEC Fleet Admiral
Kevin Doherty

CIMSEC Admiral
Matthew Hipple
Patrick Truffer
Paul Pryce
Phil Mott

CIMSEC Commodore
Sean Walsh
Dan Dewit
Joshua Price

CIMSEC Captain
Christopher Barber
Randal Drew
William G. Glenney, IV

CIMSEC Commander
Jonathan Feng
Mike Lambert
Phil Beckman
Bret Perry
Dimitrios Mitsopoulos

Mark Munson
Benjamin Berg
Bob Poling
Jeremiah Cushman
William Yale

CIMSEC Lieutenant
Daniel Hartnett
Sam Craghead
Enrique Alvayay
Howard Green
Billy Griffin
Shanzhi Thia
Matthew Merighi
Justin Goldman
Robert Hodge
Mathias Hagstrøm
David Andrews
Troy Perry
Christopher Cavas
Angela Cheney
Michael DeBoer

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