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By Dmitry Filipoff

The CIMSEC Warfighting Flotilla is a new naval professional society where warfighters and interested individuals come together to discuss naval warfighting, force development, and the naval profession. Each month our members participate in organized, off-the-record virtual discussions about the ever-changing nature of naval warfighting, how to better organize tactical learning, and how to refine naval professional development to meet warfighting challenges.

These off-the-record conversations are lively and candid, focusing on topics such as Warfare Tactics Instructor programs, air defense concepts, integrating for cross-community anti-submarine warfare, and much more. The connections made between our members has fostered professional development and expanded personal networks of tactically-minded individuals. The Flotilla is currently numbering at more than 450 members.

The Flotilla is open for any interested individuals to join as members. Fill out the form below to join today and receive invites to upcoming sessions and activities. Read on to learn more about the principles driving our growing community.

The Flotilla takes its name from the Torpedo Flotilla of the Atlantic Fleet, an early 20th century naval formation commanded by renowned naval commander and thinker William S. Sims. Sims transformed the Flotilla into an at-sea laboratory for the development of tactics and doctrine on the eve of the First World War. Sims systematically convened Flotilla sailors to engage in equitable and candid conversations about the development of tactics and doctrine, which would inform subsequent at-sea exercises and formal publications. Many of the U.S. Navy’s senior leaders of the Second World War passed through Sims’ Flotilla as junior officers, where their professional development was no doubt enhanced by a collaborative spirit singularly focused on excelling at naval warfighting.

Those two core features are what animate the CIMSEC Warfighting Flotilla. Today the attention of warfighters is often pulled in myriad directions and across numerous burdens, often forcing the in-depth professional development of tactically-focused skills to take a backseat. The Flotilla’s discussion sessions are exclusively on topics of naval warfare and force development to guarantee a tight focus on matters immediately relevant to warfighting excellence.

To ensure candid and equitable exchanges, Flotilla conversations are off-the-record, respectful, and collaborative. Issues are explored, solutions are offered, and individuals emerge from conversations with the potential for new relationships and fresh insights. Unless otherwise specified, all Flotilla members participate in a personal, unofficial capacity, ensuring all have an equitable opportunity to speak and be heard. In this community we recognize in earnest that helpful ideas and insights can come from any background and experience level.

The CIMSEC Warfighting Flotilla is advancing the conversations surrounding naval warfighting and force development, while building community and enhancing professional development. Together we are building a strong community of tactically-minded members focused on advancing warfighting excellence. 

Join our new naval professional society today to participate and be kept apprised of future activities and member-only opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you at a session soon!

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content and Flotilla Community Manager. Contact him at

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