Vote Now: CFAR 2021 Finalist Voting Now Open

By Jimmy Drennan

We need your help deciding which authors and topics will be featured at this year’s CIMSEC Forum for Authors and ReadersCFAR 2021!

Your nominations have yielded an outstanding slate of authors and articles for consideration. In this final round of voting, the authors of the top vote-getting articles will be invited to speak at our fall event on the article topic. Consider the topics and articles you would like updates on, or what author you’d like to pose questions to. Voting will close at the end of September 9. 

All CIMSEC members are eligible to vote for four nominated authors at the bottom of this page. If you’re not a CIMSEC member yet, it’s free and easy to sign up here

As always, thank you to CNA and our contributors for their generous support and for helping us bring you this event. And special congratulations to the author nominees, who are listed below in no particular order.

Evolution of the Fleet: A Closer Look at the Chinese Fishing Vessels off the Galapagos,” by Dr. Tabitha Mallory and Dr. Ian Ralby
Don’t Overlook the Medical Fleet in Distributed Maritime Operations,” by Misty Wilkins
Crippled Capacity: How Weak Maritime Enforcement Emboldened Ansar Al-Sunna,” by Kelly Moss
Lifting the Veil on the Lightly Manned Surface Combatant,” by Ben DiDonato
Intel Owns Red: How Red Teaming Can Prepare the Fleet for the Fight Ahead,” by Lieutenant Commander Christopher Blake and Lieutenant Grace Jones
No Ordinary Boats: Cracking the Code on China’s Spratly Maritime Militias,” by Ryan Martinson
The Navy Should Stop Talking About the Future and Start Building It,” by Frank Goertner
Winning the War on Distraction: Military Leaders Need Quiet Minds in the Digital Age,” by Bill Bray
Leviathan Wakes: China’s Growing Fleet of Autonomous Undersea Vehicles,” by Ryan Fedasiuk
The U.S. Needs an Official Sixth Fleet History, and the Europeans Do Too,” by Sebastian Bruns
The Glutted Mariner Shortfall,” by LCDR Adena Grundy

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