US – Vietnam Ties: The China Dimension

By Peter Marino

As the issue of influence in Southeast Asia gains in prominence, Vietnam is emerging as a critical proxy ground for the US and China to jostle. After having fought a brutal war with each other within living memory, Vietnam and the US are now growing closer than ever before, as Vietnam seeks a balancer against Chinese influence in its backyard. But the Vietnamese prize nothing so much as their own independence and autonomy, and the US and China, despite their strength, would be well-advised that Hanoi has its own interests to play for, as well.


Peter Marino holds an MSc in Global Politics from The London School of Economics and is a graduate of Norwich University. He lived in Shanghai from 2003 to 2008 and served as head of China development for London-based Aurigon, Ltd. He founded and sold Quaternion, a political risk startup, and is currently establishing a new Think Tank for International Affairs aimed at promoting engagement with the “Millennial Generation.” He also produces Globalogues, a video blog with commentary on global politics and economics. The views expressed in this article are his own.

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