Reflecting on the CIMSEC Forum For Authors and Readers

By Kaitlin Sharkey

The 2nd Annual CIMSEC Forum for Authors and Readers (CFAR) showcased five member-selected contributions from the last year. Authors presented a recap of their articles as well as updates and future predictions. As a newcomer to CIMSEC and the concept of maritime security as a whole, I was most struck by the simultaneous breadth of the topics covered and depth of the members’ expertise. Presentations included analyses of strategy, history, and current events and incorporated a global range of geographic locations. Discussions between authors and members showed the wealth of experience and knowledge that characterizes CIMSEC.

The authors’ presentations were not fixed summaries but instead prompted critical thinking as to how current and past events can shape future maritime developments and strategy. What do the evacuations of civilians from Yemen tell us about foreign naval capacities? Can we predict the future role of the aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy based on historical debate? As the definition of maritime security evolves, how can U.S. maritime strategy encompass broader threats, like human trafficking and illegal fishing? CFAR enabled these discussions to continue outside of the written articles online and among a diverse group of sailors, academics, and policymakers. As a new CIMSEC member, I look forward to engaging with the community on these critical issues of maritime peace and security. Below are the author presentations.

Joshua Tallis discusses his article The New U.S. Maritime Strategy

Alejandro Sanchez discusses his article  Neither Side Appears Ready for War: Falklands/Malvinas Islands Analysis

Andrew S. Erickson and Conor M. Kennedy of the Naval War College discuss their article China’s Daring Vanguard: Introducing Sanya City’s Maritime Militia

Steve Wills discusses his article Four Carrier Crises and Yet No Funeral for the Large Flattop

Claude Berube also presented on his article The Role of Navies in the Yemeni Conflict, co-authored with Stephanie Chenault, Louis Martin-Vezian and Chris Rawley. The video replay is not uploaded per author request. Ryan Martinson, author of East Asian Security in the Age of the Chinese Mega-Cutter, was unable to attend.

The speaker lineup at CFAR demonstrates what is special about CIMSEC. None of the presenters are CIMSEC “fellows” or “staff writers,” they are people who sought to use CIMSEC as a platform for their analysis. They respect our top-notch audience and high standard. Anyone has the opportunity to publish with CIMSEC and have the chance to present at CFAR in the future. Interested authors can view the means at their disposal on our Write for CIMSEC page, and reach out to the editorial team at to see what we can accomplish. From the CIMSEC editorial team, thank you to all our readers, writers, and presenters. You are the driving force behind our success.

Kaitlin Sharkey is a defense consultant and CIMSEC Associate Editor. She holds a Master of Global Policy Studies from The University of Texas at Austin. 

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