Updated Call for Articles: Russia-Ukraine War

Submissions Due: April 4, 2022
Topic Week Dates: April 11-15, 2022
Article Length: 1,000-3,000 words
Submit to: Content@cimsec.org

By Dmitry Filipoff

A month ago CIMSEC launched a call for articles on Russian naval power and maritime strategy as interest surged in tandem with the worsening Russia-Ukraine crisis. We are updating the call for articles with a new deadline and broader scope now that the crisis has broken out into full-scale war.

In addition to the naval and maritime themes of the earlier call for articles, authors are invited to look at the broader dimensions of this raging conflict. How may NATO react and adapt to this Russian aggression? How may the security architecture of Europe and the world be affected by this conflict? How are Russian and Ukrainian forces performing in combat, and what warfighting lessons deserve broader appreciation? Authors are invited to consider these questions and more as we make sense of this major conflict.

Clearly the situation remains fluid and reliable information can be difficult to find. Nonetheless, we will organize submissions into a thematic topic week to provide context and analysis, whatever the state of the conflict at the time. CIMSEC always welcomes submissions on topics of defense and foreign policy, naval affairs, and maritime security regardless of fluid developments or any deadline. Please feel free to send your ideas, articles, and thoughts to Content@cimsec.org at any time. 

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Contact him at Content@cimsec.org.

Featured Image: Russian Tunguska air-defense platform. (Photo via Twitter)

3 thoughts on “Updated Call for Articles: Russia-Ukraine War”

  1. Today Ukraine is fighting for the freedom of the entire world, the good has to win over the evil and it will!
    What Ukraine needs today is more weapons! Weapons to enforce the No Fly Zone, since the NATO, US and EU (who had no problem enforcing No Fly Zone over Serbia in the 1990s) are too intimidated and too scared of Putin to enforce the No Fly Zone even at the bare minimum of having the limited No Fly Zone only over human corridors to evacuate the civilians, women, children & the elderly.
    What is happening in Mauripol and other cities & tows is genocide and ethnic cleansing of Ukrainians. Many cities had been destroyed and the Russians are actively bombing the civilian targets, while refusing to let them evacuate. This is the most evil, the most deliberate murderous action against the civilian population since the WW2!
    Ukraine immediately needs those Mig fighter jets, S-300/S400 anti air systems, more drones, more anti-tank/anti-armor systems, anti-ship missiles, smart artillery systems and the Biden administration would do a lot if the US will start to transfer the Patriot missiles to the Ukrainian Defense forces. The Ukrainian forces need anti-artillery radar systems, to be able to identify and geo-locate the artillery fire, since this had been the #1 killer of the Ukrainian civilians: artillery & rockets from the Russian Mir!
    The civilized world has to wake up and wake up now! Prayers and kind thoughts are welcome, but they don’t kill the Russian invaders. Bullets & missiles do! More weapons to Ukraine immediately!

    Slava Ukraini Glory to Ukraine!

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