Sea Control 70 – South China Sea Maritime Security

seacontrol2In this week’s podcast, we’ve got territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas in our sights. Natalie Sambhi (Australian Strategic Policy Institute) interviews Andrew Chubb (University of Western Australia) and Scott Cheney-Peters (CIMSEC) who discuss the implications of China’s recent reclamation efforts in the Spratlys, captured by satellite images published by the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative. Andrew explains the findings of his new report published by Perth USAsia Centre that polled Chinese public opinion on PRC policies concerning maritime disputes. Both guests also grapple with a new CNAS paper on how China’s rival claimants have advanced their positions from 1995 and 2004. Natalie also asks them what available data on maritime disputes they’d wish for and what they listen to while they work.

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South China Sea Maritime Security

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Produced by: Matthew Hipple
Hosted by: Natalie Sambhi

Audio Editing By: Dmitry F.

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