Sea Control- 404 An Updated Perspective on China with Robert Haddick

By Ed Salo

Robert Haddick joins Sea Control to discuss his book Fire on the Water: China, America, and the future of the Pacific. The second edition of the book has recently been published by the Naval Institute Press.

Robert Haddick is a visiting senior fellow at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, Air Force Association. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps officer with experience in East Asia and Africa. Haddick was a contractor for U.S. Special Operations Command and performed research for the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment. He was a national security columnist at Foreign Policy Magazine and has delivered lectures on strategy across the U.S. government.  

Download Sea Control- 404 An Updated Perspective on China with Robert Haddick


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This episode was edited and produced by William McQuiston.

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