Real Time Strategy (RTS) – Pilot Episode

CIMSEC introduces its new podcast, “Real Time Strategy,” a discussion on the lessons and non-lessons of the simulations we use to both learn and entertain in the realm of military strategy, tactics, and history.

In today’s pilot episode, we introduce a crew of podcast greenhorns to discuss EVE Online, Civilization, Call of Duty, and general nerdity.

DOWNLOAD: Real Time Strategy Pilot

One thought on “Real Time Strategy (RTS) – Pilot Episode”

  1. Started life on table-tops (Napoleonics) back when dice were our computers and entire weekends required.
    Really looked forward to computers improving our lives and was really disappointed for a long time.
    While RTS boomed and were excellent, I feel strategy lagged, so look forward to leveraging your experiences.
    Hope this podcast gets serious traction.

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