May Recap


Announcements and Updates
India’s Role in the Asia-Pacific Topic Week Wraps up on CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff
Call for Articles: The Future of Undersea Competition Topic Week by Sally DeBoer
CIMSEC April Recap by Dmitry Filipoff
CIMSEC DC’s May Chapter Meetup by Scott Cheney-Peters
CIMSEC 2016 Election Nominations Now Open by CIMSEC Team
The Future of Undersea Competition Topic Week Kicks Off on CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff

Future of Undersea Competition Topic Week
India’s Submarine Situation: Evolving Capabilities and Opportunities by Vidya Sagar Reddy and Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Information Management in Next Generation Anti-Submarine Warfare by Michael Glynn

Sea Control 117- Niger Delta Pirates Declare War? with Matt Hipple and Dirk Steffen
Sea Control 118- ISIS Capabilities Against Civil Aviation with Matthew Merighi and Max Leitschuh

CIMSEC Interviews Captain Mark Vandroff Program Manager DDG 51 by Dmitry Filipoff
Part One
Part Two
Comic Books & War: An Interview with Dr. Cord A. Scott by Christopher Nelson
A Converation with G. William Weatherly, Author of Sheppard of the Argonne by Sally DeBoer

Members Roundup
Members’ Roundup: April 2016 by Sam Cohen
Members’ Roundup: May 2016 Part One by Sam Cohen

9-14 May 2016 Maritime Security Events by Emil Maine

Naval Affairs
The End of Uniformed Naval Strategic Study? by Steve Wills
Wargaming Distributed Lethality by LT Megan Mcculloch
MK VI: The Next Generation of Interdiction by Lawrence Hajek
Navy Perspective on Joint Force Interdependence by ADM. Jon Greenert
crossposted from National Defense University JFQ
Assessing the Usefulness of the American Large Deck Carrier by Ben Ho Wan Beng
Deception and the Backfire Bomber: Part One by Jon Solomon
crossposted from Information Dissemination

Asymmetric Maritime Diplomacy: Involving Coastguards, Maritime Militias in China Dealings by Alex Calvo
Turbulence for the Philippines: Blimps Over the South China Sea by Vidya Sagar Reddy
From Frontier to Frontline: Tanmen Maritime Militia’s Leading Role Pt. 2 by Conor M. Kennedy and Andrew S. Erickson
The Concept of “Reach” in Grasping China’s Active Defense Strategy Part One by VADM. Pradeep Chauhan (ret)
crossposted from Bharat Shakti
Cam Rahn International Port Visits in Strategic Context by Zachary Abuza and Nguyen Nhat Anh
America’s Expectation versus India’s Expediency: India as a Regional Net Security Provider by Gurpreet S. Khurana
crossposted from the National Maritime Foundation
The Criticality of the IONS Maritime Security Construct by VADM. Pradeep Chauhan (ret)

Unsafe Mixed Migration By Sea: The Case of the Mediterranean Region by Evmorfia-Chrysovalantou Seiti

A Cyber-Information Operations Offset Strategy to Counter the Surge of Chinese Power by Jake Bebber
Part One (Apr.)
Part Two

Sheppard of the Argonne: Alternative History Naval Battles of WWII by Sally Deboer
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by CDR Greg Smith
The Paracel Islands and U.S. Interests and Approaches in the South China Sea by Ching Chang
Diplomatic Dimension of Maritime Challenges for India in the 21st Century by G. Parthasarathy

Featured Image:  ATLANTIC OCEAN (April 21, 2016) The future guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) transits the Atlantic Ocean during acceptance trials April 21, 2016 with the Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV). (U.S. Navy/Released)

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