International Maritime Satire Week

Jonathan Swift, author of “A Modest LCS CONOPS Proposal”

Prepare to unleash your broadsides!  In order to keep spirits from sinking under a barrage of stories over conflict and confrontations, next week will be International Maritime Satire Week here at CIMSEC.  We’ll be sharpening our wit and delivering pointed critiques of contemporary naval and maritime issues through the time-honored technique of parodic ridicule (see “A Modest Proposal”).


We’re also seeking submissions from readers and members.  So, if you’ve waited to write until you could do so in a shroud of satire, now’s your chance!  As an idea of what we’re looking for, check out The Onion or The Duffelblog and apply to the nautical world.  Shoot me or LT Matt Hipple an email if you’re interested in participating.

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