India’s Role in the Asia-Pacific Topic Week Kicks off on CIMSEC

By Dmitry Filipoff

This week CIMSEC is running a topic week on India’s Role in the Asia-Pacific. Authors responded to our Call for Articles with publications featuring in-depth analysis on Indian strategic thinking, Chinese and Indian counterbalancing power plays, and factors driving India’s rise as a regional titan. We thank our contributors for their quality contributions.

Below is a list of articles featuring during the topic week. It will be updated as the topic week rolls out and as additional publications are finalized.

India as the Pivotal Power of the 21st Century Security Order by MAJ Chad Pillai
How The Indian Ocean Remains Central to India’s Emerging Aspirations by Vidya Sagar Reddy
India-China Competition Across the Indo-Pacific by David Scott
Sino-India Strategic Rivalry: Misperception or Reality by Ching Chang
Diluting the Concentration of Regional Power Players in Maldives by MAJ Ahmed Mujuthaba
Strategic Maritime Balancing in Sino-Indian Foreign Policy by Ryan Kuhns
India in the Asia-Pacific: Roles as a ‘Balancer’ and Net Security Provider by Ajaya Kumar Das
Modi’s Asia-Pacific Push by Vivek Mishra
Understanding Sino-Indian Relations – A Theoretical Perspective by Byron Chong
India as a Net Security-Provider in the Indian Ocean and Beyond by VADM Pradeep Chauhan (ret)

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Reach the CIMSEC editorial team at

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