Happy Birthday

Dos he come in Blogspot?

Information Dissemination is kicking off its 5th Anniversary Blogapalooza Month today with an impressive line-up of guest posters, including both American presidential campaigns and their visions for 21st Century seapower. Billed as a “virtual conference,” it’s certain to be an engaging and informative discussion. We’re a rather new endeavor here at CIMSEC, but we’ve already known the generosity and willingness to help of ID’s founder, Galrahn, aka Raymond. Here’s to 5 great years!

If you have time for a video, Al Jazeera English has a clip (below) on the background issues that led to violence in March between fishermen and Indonesian rangers. As some, mainly Western areas of the world recover their fishing stock, other parts of the globe will see patchier progress, and in places like Africa and Asia this will lead to an increased likelihood of maritime violence as nations who have sensibly managed their stocks seek to protect their grounds from the fishing fleets of less or foresighted or successful neighbors. 

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