CFAR 2017: And the Speakers Are….

We’re happy to announce the following speakers for the 2017 CIMSEC Forum for Authors and Readers (CFAR) on May 1st, top vote-getters in their respective categories.  Congratulations to the authors, presenters, and all the nominees!

—-CIMSEC Category—-

Is Sea Shepherd a Navy? A CIMSEC Debate
Chris Rawley, Claude Berube, and Ryan Mewett

Terrorists on the Ocean: Sea Monsters in the 21st Century
Robert N. Hein

Naval Strategy Returns to Lead the POM
Steve Wills

—-CNA Category—-

The Future of U.S.-India Naval Relations
Nilanthi Samaranayake, CNA

Naval Coercion and Escalation Control in South Asia
Ryan W. French, CNA

—-Other Top Vote-Getters—-

Other Than War: HA/DR and Geopolitics
Joshua Tallis

Becoming a Great Maritime Power: A Chinese Dream
Mike McDevitt, CNA

Farsi Island: Surface Warfare’s Wake-up Call
Alan Cummings

Riding A New Wave of Professionalization and Militarization: Sansha City’s Maritime Militia
Conor Kennedy and Andrew Erickson


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