CFAR 2016: And The Winners Are….

Our readers have spoken and selected the following articles as their favorite from the prior year. Now you have the chance to hear from the authors on how their pieces have held up and explore predictions for the coming year at the 2nd annual CIMSEC Forum for Authors and Readers (CFAR) in Washington, DC, on March 24th. RSVP Here:

The Winners Are…

– The Role of Navies in the Yemeni Conflict, Claude Berube, Stephanie Chenault, Louis M-V, Chris Rawley

– East Asian Security in the Age of the Chinese Mega-Cutter, Ryan Martinson

– Neither Side Appears Ready for War: Falklands/Malvinas Islands Analysis, W. Alejandro Sanchez

– China’s Daring Vanguard: Introducing Sanya City’s Maritime Militia, Andrew S. Erickson and Conor M. Kennedy

– Four Carrier Crises and Yet No Funeral for the Large Flattop, Steven Wills

– The New U.S. Maritime Strategy, Joshua Tallis

Congratulations to all those nominated and to the winners – all but “East Asian Security in the Age of the Chinese Mega-Cutter” will be represented at CFAR. 

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