Call for Articles: Short Story Fiction

By Dmitry Filipoff

Stories Due: December 2, 2019
Week Dates: December 9–13, 2019

Story Length: 1000-5000 Words
Submit to:

Fiction has long served as a powerful means for exploring hypotheticals and envisioning alternatives. As a regular annual feature, CIMSEC will be publishing a week’s worth of short stories that look to explore conflict and competition through fiction. 

Authors can explore the future, and flesh out concepts for how potential conflicts may play out. They could probe the past, and use historical fiction as a device to explore alternative histories. Authors are invited to submit their stories along these lines and more as they craft their compelling narratives.

Note: This call for articles has since passed. View the results of this Fiction Week here.

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Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Contact him at

Featured Image: “Fly” by Dmitry Vishnevsky, via Artstation

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