WarPlan Crimson: The NextWar Schedule

WarPlan Crimson isĀ  the long-view schedule for NextWar and its Sea Control Podcast

NextWar Upcoming Topic Weeks:

Defense Innovation Failures – Mar 24-29
Editor: Matt McLaughlin (matthew.mclaughlin.1(at)gmail.com)
Too little attention is paid to the innovative failures and dead ends. We’re going to fix that.

Private Military Contractors – Apr 14-19
Editor: Emil Maine (emil.maine(at)heritage.org)
Despite their recent pillorying, PMC’s have existed since before the condotierre and will continue to exist after America’s campaigns. We’ll discuss their utility and future.

Wargaming – May 5-10
Editor: Adam Kruppa (adam.kruppa(at)gmail.com)
From the table-top to the joint exercise, how do we mimic the world in ways that is useful (or not) for security and foreign policy?

Theories of Power – May 26-31
Editor: CIMSEC+The Bridge
Writers from The Bridge, CIMSEC, and the academic world discuss their ideas on power and strategy in the military realm.

Sacking of Rome – Jun 16-21
Editor: Paul Pryce (prycep(at)cya-ajc.ca)
The United States is the mightiest power on earth. We spend too much time concentrating on how the U.S. could fail, and less on how Hannibal or the Goths could succeed.

Strategic Communications – Jul 7-12
Editor: Nicolas Di Leonardo (nicolas.a.dileonardo(at)gmail.com)
You keep saying words, I do not think they means what you think they mean… to everyone else.

Sea Control Podcast Schedule:

Mar 10: The Crimean Crisis
Mar 17: TBD
Mar 24: Anthony Arend and Maritime Law
Mar 31: Robert Sutter and Chinese Decision Making
Apr 7: Sea Control Europe
Apr 14: T. Walton and TX Hammes on Navy Doctrine and Escalation
Apr 21: Sea Control Asia-Pacific
Apr 28: Behind the Curtain

Upcoming Projects: Doctrine Man isn’t the ONLY one who can draw pictures! We’re looking for someone or someones who would like to do a weekly comic for CIMSEC on maritime strategy/policy/tech.

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