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Weekend Reading: 09 Nov 2013

For those who can’t get enough of our sometimes witty, sometimes prescient, sometimes just out-in-left-field writing there’s good news! Now you can spend the weekend reading more from our membership. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Natalie Sambhi: Security Scholar: Two new round-ups on Indonesian defense and intelligence news stories

James Bridger: Foreign Policy: Rise and Fall of a Pirate King

Felix Seidlers: Seidlers Sicherheispolitik: Germany Needs a Permanent Naval Presence in the Indian Ocean

Przemyslaw Krajewski: Viribus Unitis: Corvettes and Steadfast Jazz

LT Will Spears, USN: JO Rules: Talk Like a Spartan
CDR Chuck Hill, USCG: Chuck Hill’s CG Blog: Norway Buying New SAR Helos
LT Scott Cheney-Peters, USNR: War on the Rocks: How to Not Go to War with China
William Yale: The Diplomat: Air Sea Battle: A Dangerous Unaffordable Threat
Dave Majumdar: USNI News: SR-72 is Only a Plane on Paper
ADM John Harvey (Ret.) and Bryan McGrath: Panel Discussion: Inaugural event at Hudson Institute’s Center for American Seapower
ADM James Stavridis (Ret.): Foreign Policy: Pirate Droves
Raymond Pritchet: Information Dissemination: American Decline
CDR Chris Rawley, USNR: NavalDrones: RAND on USVs
Joseph Hammond: Today’s Zaman: Energy Wars on the Caspain Basin

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Weekend Reading June 2nd

Weekend Round-up:

Future Tech:

Bryan McGrath posted his third in a series on Directed Energy/Electromagnetic Weapon Systems on Information Dissemination, discussing Chinese advances in the field and their possible parity with/lead over American developments.

Cyber Warfare:

Cyber warfare received prominent coverage this week thanks to Stuxnet, Flame, and revelations of backdoors embedded in Chinese-produced chips. A Washington Post’s article discussed the authorship of Stuxnet, which demonstrated the potential of cyber warfare to shut down industrial machinery (like a ship’s engines). DefenseTech reported on Flame, an intel-gathering piece of malware that can be reprogrammed to disrupt its target’s functions like Stuxnet. Another DefenseTech post claimed proof that military grade chips produced in China contain backdoors for future exploitation, and detailed their wide use in the hardware of Western militaries.


The U.K. and Spain had row after a confrontation between fishing vessels and maritime authorities in the waters off Gibraltar. Like China and the Philippines in Cambodia this week over the South China Sea, both sides agreed to work towards a peaceful resolution.

Two Kenyan naval patrol boats shelled Kismayo a Somali town held by the Al-Shabaab militia, after the militia reportedly fired on the vessels with 106mm recoilless rifles.

U.S. Navy:

At USNI blog LT Rob McFall called for a focus on tactics among junior officers. LTJG Matt Hipple responded on the problem with learning and innovating tactics at the junior officer level. Questions raised in the discussions that ensued debated the incentive structure, formal structures to test and innovate tactics, and ability to capture lessons learned.


gCaptain published an update on a European Commission-funded study on the effects of sleep deprivation on maritime watchstanders and some sobering findings from previous research.


4-7 June – Maritime Security Conference 2012

    • “Delivering Maritime Security in Global Partnership: Identify Cooperative Strategies for Future Maritime Security Engagement”
      • Sponsored by NATO’s Combined Joint Operations From the Sea (CJOS) Center of Excellence (COE). $250
      • Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA 

6 June – Junior Leader Innovation Symposium 2012

      • “Engaging and Empowering Junior Leaders to Regain our Innovation Advantage”
      • Sponsored by the Navy Warfare Development Command. Free and open to all U.S. Navy E-5s through O-4s.  
      • NWDC HQ, Naval Station Norfolk, VA, and via Defense Connect Online