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Kicking off Sea-Based Nations Week

Tomorrow marks the start of our Sea-Based Nations Week, the result of an experiment in giving you, the readers, the chance to direct our analysis. It should make for some interesting reading, and I believe we have some thought-provoking material lined up. We’ll have an interview with Randy Henrickson, the Executive Director of the Seasteading Institute, a group that looks to make new sea-based nations a reality. We’ll also take a look at what nations have the most to gain or lose, the legal complications, and (as we’re a blog with a fondness for the naval side of things) the defensive and offensive aspects of conflict involving sea-based nations. While the winning term was “sea-based nations” we may have some posts on sea-bases without claims to sovereignty, but I anticipate they’ll be just as entertaining.

And The Winner Is….

Seasteaders, we’re coming for you.

The votes of our first coverage-focusing poll have been tallied and it looks as though the crew at CIMSEC will be training their analytic guns at new Sea-Based Nations, which handidly beat runners-up Russia and Brazil in the “Country” polling. Sea-Based Nations Week will commence 27 August, so anyone with an interest in suggesting a line of inquiry or wishing to do some writing of their own can drop me a line at director@cimsec.org. For an idea of what sea-based nations are, exactly, check out Gizmodo, the Economist, or The Seasteading Institute.

In the “Threats, Platforms, Technologies” category, “U.S. Basing Options” squeaked by in a 1-vote win over “Shipbuilding Modularity” and will be the subject of a future article as well. Those subjects and countries which lost in the voting will never be spoken of again at this site (okay, we’ll keep them on the back-burner).

In other news, info will be out shortly on our DC August meet-up. So stay tuned!