July Meet-Up Follow-Up

Whither our analysis?

At our July DC Meet-Up, we took an informal poll of what country the brilliant minds (in their own minds) of CIMSEC should focus on for a week of analysis. We also asked what threat, technology, or platform should go in for similar treatment. The nominees are as follows, and we’re giving you, our readers, the chance to vote on your choice. Voting will end on Saturday, August 18th:

6 thoughts on “July Meet-Up Follow-Up”

  1. Scott, Good Afternoon

    I followed the link on your e-mail to me, and have seen that the Philippines is included,I didnt know who won but Since im from the Philippines and base on the theme posted. I would checked on two that of US Basing options and Shipbuilding Modularity.

    I have also checked on the Seabased Nations,Having a degree in Architecture,The floating cities is of course an ideal option for decongestion especially for those Maritime and as well as landlocked countries but again several concerns on this type of structure that of security is primarily what I see,advancement in Engineering and Structural design could well support this platform.

    On another light, I was thinking on the naval side of this idea-reminds me of Author Dale Browns Hydrostat or Aerostat Facilty that was used on his Book ” The Hammerheads” in which the facility is jointly run by the Customs, DEA and USCG.

    Platforms of this kind although not as big as those presented but might be of the oil rig type can be utilized as Counter-Piracy Platforms and being mobile could be utilized as FOB or Sentries for Anti-Piracy operations in the various chokepoints and sealanes around the world. wherein a small task group of Patrol Craft and Helicopters can be based and to served as the operating arm.

    Of course these are just my idea,in fact way back in another blog I think its USNI forum I suggested of utilizing old LST’s as PB or PC bases (quite similar to the Vietnam Era Riverine Units) and then anchored in various chokepoints. Force structure might be made up of countries within which Piracy are rampant. This would lessen the response time in getting to the scene of action or from an emergency distress call for assistance.

    Comments would be appreciated.


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