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International Maritime Satire Week II – Call for Submissions

International Maritime Satire Week: Jan 20-26

Gilbert and Sullivan knew a juicy subject when they saw one.
Gilbert and Sullivan knew a ripe subject when they saw one.

We here at CIMSEC can take ourselves too seriously at times. Sometimes we also have illusions of comedy.  Last year we ran a week+ of parodic articles a la The Onion and DuffelBlog.  While these sites may say we’re not funny enough to write for them, our collective moms say we’re hilarious and we sometimes have the itch to take a different tack when discussing solemn issues of maritime security.  In the words of last year’s announcement, “we’ll be sharpening our wit and delivering pointed critiques of contemporary naval and maritime issues through the time-honored technique of satiric ridicule.”

We’re also seeking submissions from readers and members.  So, if you’ve waited to write until you could do so in a shroud of satire, now’s your chance!  As an idea of what we’re looking for, check out last year’s pieces and tweets, including the all-time most-viewed CIMSEC article.  Email me at director@cimsec.org if you’re interested in writing.

We intended to run round 2 again last Septemeber but thought we’d save the treat to brighten the doldrums of post-holiday January…it has nothing at all to do with our inability to get our act together in time…