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Interview with BlueSeed CFO, Sam Bhagwat

SeaSteading makes for great theorizing. It is an idea that has yet to be sullied by the unfortunate limitations of reality. However, while we policy types talk, others are doing the actual work to turn dreams into reality. Sam Bhagwat, the CFO of BlueSeed, and his partners are on the ground floor of the flagship attempt at real-world seasteading. I had the chance to virtually sit down with him on Wednesday, getting an on-the-ground perspective of the attempt to build a 1000 person seastead off the coast of Silicon Valley. We talk about the law, future communities at sea, seasteading’s international appeal, and his personal drive to be involved.

Download: Sam Bhagwat BlueSeed Interview
Time: 50:47

Sam Bhagwat
Chief Financial Officer
LT Matthew Hipple, USN
Director of Operations