Sea Control 88 – Modi and China

seacontrol2How is India’s Modi government reacting to China’s growing interest in its strategic backyard?

This week Natalie Sambhi interviews Darshana Baruah, junior fellow at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi and David Lang, analyst and editor of The Strategist at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Canberra for an Indian and Australian perspective on Indian Ocean maritime security.

Both discuss India’s evolving strategic priorities; the impact of Narendra Modi on India’s strategic outlook; the security implications of China’s Maritime Silk Road; and the limits of maritime cooperation between the US, India, Japan and Australia.

To read more on these issues, check out Darshana’s Strategist post on India’s role in Asia-Pacific security and David’s new ASPI report on Australia–Japan–India strategic cooperation.

DOWNLOAD: Modi and China


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