Sea Control 386 – Tanks in the Surf with Matt Graham

By Jared Samuelson

Major Matt Graham joins Sea Control to discuss amphibious doctrine, historical case studies of Army-led amphibious operations and a future role for the Army in amphibious operations.

Major Matthew Graham is an active-duty armor officer with combat experience in Afghanistan and is currently a student at the School of Advanced Military Studies. He previously served as an Art of War Scholar at the Command and General Staff College.

Download Sea Control 386 – Tanks in the Surf with Matt Graham


1. “Tanks in the Surf – Maintaining the Joint Combined Arms Landing Team,” by Major Matthew W. Graham, Association of the United States Army, Land Warfare Paper 147, July 2022.
2. Sea Control 181 – The “Amphibious” 8th in the Pacific War, by Jared Samuelson with Major General Pat Donahoe and Don Chisholm, CIMSEC, June 7, 2020.
3. Sea Control 198 – Australian Amphibious Capability with Colonel Kim Gilfillan, by Jared Samuelson, CIMSEC, September 6, 2020.

Jared Samuelson is Executive Producer of the Sea Control podcast. Contact him at

This episode was edited and produced by Nathan Miller.

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