Sea Control 181 – The “Amphibious” 8th in the Pacific War

By Jared Samuelson

Chokepoints and Littorals Week continues on CIMSEC! Major General Pat Donahoe, Deputy Commander for Operations, U.S. 8th Army, and Prof. Don Chisholm of the U.S. Naval War College join us to discuss why the 8th Army is known as “the Amphibious 8th,” the campaign through the southern Philippines in World War II, Admiral Daniel Barbey, and the different amphibious cultures that emerged during the war. Images are taken from The Reports of General MacArthur and digitally enhanced by Dr. Erik Villard (@Erikhistorian), Digital Military Historian at the Center for Military History.

Download Sea Control 181 – The “Amphibious” 8th in the Pacific War


Final Operations on Mindanao

Summary of the Mindanao Campaign

Western Visayas Task Force Operations

Victor Operations

Landings on Cebu, Bohol, and Negros Oriental

Palawan Attack Plan

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