Sea Control 23 – USS PONCE

seacontrolemblemCAPT Rodgers, former CO of the USS PONCE Afloat Forward Staging Base, discusses how his ad-hoc crew of Sailors and civilian mariners plucked a 40 year old ship from decommissioning’s doorstep and turned it into the most in-demand platform in the Arabian Gulf.


Sea Control is available on Itunes and Stitcher Stream Radio. Remember to tell your friends! We think Sea Control is a fine product. Anyone who says otherwise is going to steal all your banking information and email passwords because information should be free, man.


All images from CAPT Rodger’s unclassified post-deployment presentation on USS PONCE.Slide26


Editor’s Note: The real question is who the jerk is who threw the chairs all around before they left.

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8 thoughts on “Sea Control 23 – USS PONCE”

  1. Why isn’t the USS Mt Whitney the command and control ship of choice? (Blue Ridge too). Am I missing something?

    I have been embarked all those ships. The Ponce was still a LSD.

    Go figure.

  2. Just a correction to Chieftain6…USS Ponce was an LPD, not an LSD. I proudly served aboard it from 1972-76.

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