Sea Control 190 – Greyhound with Doyle Hodges

By Jared Samuelson

**SPOILER ALERT** Ships (not boats)! Surface Warfare Officers! Metaphorical SWO jackets! The Texas National Security Review’s Executive Editor and retired Navy Surface Warfare Officer Doyle Hodges joins the program to discuss the new film Greyhound from the perspective of a retired destroyer captain. “Meet her!”

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2. “Horns of a Dilemma” Podcast
3. The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester

Jared Samuelson is the Senior Producer of the Sea Control Podcast. Contact him at

2 thoughts on “Sea Control 190 – Greyhound with Doyle Hodges”

  1. Great discussion of Greyhound. I have read the book and seen the movie and pretty much agree with Doyle’s review.

  2. Great discussion. Thank you. You guys somehow missed THE classic WW2 ASW movie “The Enemy Below” filmed on an actual Bavy DE with Curt Jurgens as the U-Boat Kapitan and Robert Mitchum as the DE Captain. Real ship. real weapons, etc.

    Gary Siorek, Ocean Systems Technician (Sonar) 3rd Class, 1971-1975 {wayyy back Cold War era – Adak Navfac P3 support – USS Saratoga CV60 sonar shack S2 Tracker support).

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