Sea Control 191 – The Arctic with Dr. Elizabeth Buchanan and Katie Burkhart

By Jared Samuelson

Dr. Elizabeth Buchanan and Katie Burkhart join the podcast to discuss a wide range of Arctic issues, including Russian and Chinese activity in the Arctic, the Arctic Council, Russia’s 2035 policy document, the Northern Sea Route, and increased NATO activity in the Arctic.

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1. “What’s at Stake With Rising Competition in the Arctic?” by Brian Sittlow, Council on Foreign Relations, May 1, 2020

2. “The United States Must Defend Open Seas in the Arctic,” by Jerry Hendrix, The National Review, May 13, 2020
3. “Why NATO Needs a Standing Maritime Group in the Arctic,” by Colin Barnard, CIMSEC, May 15, 2020
4. “The U.S. Navy Returns to an Increasingly Militarized Arctic,” by David Larter, Defense News, May 12, 2020
5. “Russia’s New Arctic Policy Document Signals Continuity Rather Than Change,” by  Ekaterina Klimenko, SIPRI, April 6, 2020
6. “The Overhaul of Russian Strategic Planning for the Arctic Zone to 2035,” by Elizabeth Buchanan, NATO Defense College, May 19, 2020
7. “Developing Security in a White Water World: Preparing for the Arctic,” by Ian Birdwell, CIMSEC, June 10, 2020
8. “Presidential Memorandum on Icebreaking,” the White House, June 9, 2020

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