Our New Partners

We here at CIMSEC are excited to announce several new partnerships we’ve forged over the past several months. While we remain an independent institution and take no organizational positions, these and our existing partnerships allow us to further our mission of broadening exposure for our authors’ ideas and better honing them through wide feedback. At the same time they allow us to bring you additional insights and perspectives.

Our first new partner, Offiziere.ch, is a site providing a Swiss and continental European perspective on security affairs. Articles are a mix of analysis and first-hand reporting in English and German.


Our second, the Phoenix Think Tank, is an excellent British-based “platform for naval and maritime authors” supporting “independent naval and maritime thinking” – a mission very similar to our own. They run several superb focused series on items of interest to the Royal Navy and naval issues writ large.


Third and finally, the Maritime Executive is a magazine focused on maritime-related industries, from shipbuilding to shipping to naval affairs.

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