Join Us for the Inaugural CIMSEC Singapore Chapter Gathering on March 20

By Blake Herzinger

The Center for International Maritime Security has come to Singapore. As a community of practitioners, academics, professionals, and enthusiasts, the Singapore chapter of CIMSEC exists as a forum for the exchange of ideas and (civil) debate on the vital questions facing the maritime security community. We believe that Singapore exemplifies the CIMSEC community, an unequaled convergence of maritime trade, defense, and innovation. If you’ve been searching for a place to discuss these issues over a frosty beverage (or if you’ve just bored all your mates with maritime security chat), we’re here for you. 

Please join us (and bring interested friends) on March 22nd for the inaugural gathering of CIMSEC Singapore Chapter. For this initial meeting we will follow the CIMSEC “Lighting Rounds” format, allowing members five minutes each to present their current work in the maritime security sphere. We will also have a brief introduction of CIMSEC, as well as discuss the opportunities for involvement within the organization.

We’ll meet Tuesday, March 20, at 7pm (1900, for those of the nautical persuasion) at Red Dot Brewhouse in Dempsey Hill, 25A Dempsey Road #01-01, 247691.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to with any questions.

Featured Image: Signapore skyline (Wikimedia Commons)

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