Introducing: The Members’ Roundup

A Call For Submissions! 

This weekend we begin a new series for CIMSEC followers called the Members’ Roundup. My name is Nam Nguyen and I will be joining the team here at CIMSEC to promote and share the great work that many of our members (and guest contributors) have published elsewhere.  Engaging in the maritime security debate occurs in many forums and sharing our own analyses with a wider reader base forms an important part of the process.

Here is a brief list of some recent articles published by CIMSEC members which will provide some ‘light’ reading moving into the weekend:

super highway– For those seeking a new book for the coming holidays,  be sure to first have a look at Matthew Hipple‘s review of Admiral Chris Parry’s new book, Super Highway: Sea Power in the 21st Century

– Among the many roles that our President, Scott Cheney-Peters, performs he is also writer on an wide array of security topics as I am sure many of you are aware. You can find his recent musings on the U.S. Navy’s purpose and another piece on how trends in the East China Sea have affected the U.S. Rebalance in Asia here and here respectively.

A senior Russian defence official has announced that France will go ahead with the delivery to Russia of one of two Mistral helicopter carriers.

– The current Dean of the Fletcher School, Adm. (retd.) James Stavridis, provides his thoughts on a ‘bold’ initiative that could salvage the infamous mistral deal. Also, you can read a recent interview from The Shorthorn and the Admiral’s view on education.

– At Information Dissemination, Steve Wills returns fire at some critics on the new DDG 1000 program. He draws much of the discussion to focus on the new capability delivered by the rail-gun technology.

– For those who have a strong interest in undersea warfare our member Naval Drones shares some new technology on display during the US Fifth Fleet’s International Mine Countermeasures exercise.

– Finally, we have Nilanthi Samaranayake on Sri Lanka-Chinese relations after Xi Jinping’s visit and what this means for India’s outlook on Sri Lanka.

As the challenges within the maritime domain become more complex, so too does the debate and a wider audience is reached. The featured content in this series can be blog posts, online articles, journal articles, book reviews or podcasts. If you have written an anything or know another member who has, we wish to share this here at CIMSEC. You can do this by emailing me at

Until next time!

Nam is a Maritime Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. He holds a Bachelor of Business and is currently completing a Master of Philosophy in International Security Studies at the University of New South Wales. He joins the CIMSEC team as its new Director of Member Publicity.

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