CFAR 2015 Voting Now Open

Voting is now open to the public on the nominated CIMSEC articles listed below! The authors of the top vote-getters will be invited to deliver short remarks on their topics and engage in a general dialogue with the audience as part of the first annual CIMSEC Forum for Authors and Readers (CFAR) on 26 February in Washington, DC. Top vote-getters unable to attend CFAR will be invited to follow up their work on the NextWar blog. Voting will run through 05 February, 2015.

Criteria: All members of the general public are encouraged to vote (once) for up to 6 articles and attend CFAR. Several nominations were disqualified for failing to meet eligibility criteria.

Congrats to the Nominees!

Article Author
A2/AD Since ’73 Mark Munson
Air-Sea Battle in Orbit Matthew Hallex
American Strategy in the 21st Century: Maritime Power and China Jake Bebber
Camouflage: You Ain’t Screen Nothin’ Yet James Drennan
Developing a Strategic Cadre in the Information Dominance Corps Jake Bebber
Leading Where? A Reflection on Saltwater Leadership Erik Sand
Learning Curve: Iranian Asymmetrical Warfare and Millennium Challenge 2002 Brett Davis
Lebanese Hezbollah and Hybrid Naval Warfare Chris Rawley
Nordic NATO Nominees Viribus Unitis
Remote Aviation Technology – What are We Actually Talking About? Dave Blair
Remember War: Prophet Makarov Ignored in his Native Land Claude Berube
Seizing the Asuw Initiative Michael Glynn
Strategic Architectures Jeremy Renken
Surface Warfare: Taking the Offensive Thomas Rowden
Terrorists, Tyrants, and Tobacco: How the Illicit Cigarette Trade Fuels Instability in the Middle East Chris Rawley
The Evolution of Air-Sea Battle Harry Kazianis
The LCS and SSC Survivability Dilemma Steven Wills
The Paradox of Admiral Gorshkov Jessica Huckabey
Understanding Australia’s Submarine Choice Ben Collopy
West Africa: More Dangerous Pirates, Less Adequete Security James Bridger

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