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August Recap

Announcements and Updates
South China Sea Week Wraps Up on CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff
Distributed Lethality Task Force Launches CIMSEC Topic Week by William Burke
July Recap by Dmitry Filipoff
Take the CIMSEC Reader Survey by Sally DeBoer
Distributed Lethality Week Kicks Off on CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff
Invite: 2nd Annual CIMSEC DC Beer Garden Book Swap by Scott Cheney-Peters

Distributed Lethality Topic Week
Beans, Bullets, and Benezene: A Proposal for Distributing Logistics by Elee Wakim
Tactical Information Warfare and Distributed Lethality by Richard Mosier
Roles for Up-Gunned LCACs in Adaptive Force Packages by Megan McCulloch
Which Player Are You? Warfare Specialization in Distributed Lethality by Jon Hill
After Distributed Lethality — Unmanned Netted Lethality by Javier Gonzalez

Publication Releases
The Future of Naval Aviation Compendium

Sea Control 123: Brexit and Book Reviews Introduction with Alex Clarke and Chris Stockdale-Garbutt
Sea Control 124: The Thai Military, Coups, and Strategic Culture with Natalie Sambhi and Greg Raymond

Talking Strategy with Richard Bailey Jr., James Forsyth Jr., and Mark Yeisley by LCDR Christopher D. Nelson

Members’ Roundup
Members’ Roundup: July 2016 Part One by Sam Cohen
Members’ Roundup: July 2016 Part Two by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Farsi Island: Surface Warfare’s Wakeup Call by Alan Cummings
Naval Applications for LiFi: The Transmitting Tool by Terence Bennett
Themistocles: The Father of Naval Warfare by David Van Dyk
Electronic Warfare’s Place in Distributed Lethality: Congressional Testimony by Jon Solomon
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The Strategic Support Force: China’s Information Warfare Service by John Costello
crossposted from the Jamestown Foundation
Breaking the Silence: Why Canada Needs to Speak out on the South China Sea by Dave Beitelman
crossposted from the Conference for Defence Institutes Association
China’s Expanding Ability to Conduct Conventional Missile Strikes on Guam by Jordan Wilson
China and Freedom of Navigation: The Context of the International Tribunal’s Verdict by Gurpreet S. Khurana
crossposted from the National Maritime Foundation
The PLA’s Latest Strategic Thinking on the Three Warfares by Elsa Kania
crossposted from The Jamestown Foundation

The Changing Arctic by Ian Birdwell
The Rise of the Latin American Shipyard by W. Alejandro Sanchez

South America
The Rise of the Latin American Shipyard by W. Alejandro Sanchez

Book and Publication Reviews
Initiative of the Subordinate: Dudley Knox and the Modern U.S. Navy by Dale Rielage

General National Security
Making High Velocity Learning Work For You by Charlotte Asdal and Scotty Davids
Full Spectrum Anti-Theatre Missile Warfare by Jon Solomon
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Featured Image: South China Sea (April 25, 2006) – USS Mobile Bay (CG 53), USS Russell (DDG 59) and USS Shoup (DDG 86) perform a Pass Exercise with the HTMS Rattanakosin (FSG 441) of the Royal Thai Navy in the South China Sea. (U.S. Navy photo by Intelligence Specialist 1st Class John J. Torres)

July Recap

Announcements and Updates
CIMSEC DC’S July Chapter Meet-Up: Lightning Rounds by Scott Cheney-Peters
PCA Releases Philipines vs. China Ruling, South China Sea Topic Week Deadline Extended by Dmitry Filipoff
South China Sea Week Kicks Off on CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff

South China Sea Topic Week
The Scholar as Portent of Chinese Actions in the South China Sea by Ryan D. Martinson
Assessing the Military Significance of the South China Sea Land Features by Ching Chang
Sea Control 122 — The PCA Ruling with CAPT James Fanell with Sally DeBoer
The Undersea Dimension of Strategic Competition in the South China Sea by Elsa B. Kania
Clash of Core Interests: Can One Mountain Hold Two Tigers? 核心利益的冲突:一山,不容,二虎? by Tommy Jamison

Sea Control 120 — National Defense and Capitol Hill with Matt Merighi and Katie Burkhart
Sea Control 121 — An American Foreign Fighter in Kurdistan with Matt Hipple and Louis Park

Members’ Roundup
Members’ Roundup: June 2016 by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Parrying the 21st Century First Salvo by Jon Solomon
crossposted from Information Dissemination
The Strategic Role of Tactical Maritime Aerostats in Ensuring Persistent Surveillance by Matt McNiel
Learning to Innovate by Philip Cullom
Don’t Neglect the Human Factor in Littoral Combat by James Holmes
crossposted from The National Interest
Unmanned Systems: A New Era for the U.S. Navy? by Marjorie Greene

Trilateral Maritime Patrols in the Sulu Sea: Asymmetry in Need, Capability, and Political Will by Zachary Abuza
Challenging China’s Sub-conventional Dominance by Vidya Sagar Reddy
Becoming a “Great Maritime Power”: A Chinese Dream by Mike McDevitt

Repositioning NATO after the Warsaw Summit by Andrew Rasiulus
crossposted from the Conference for Defence Associations Institute
Norway Faces a New Era of Russian Realpolitik in the Arctic by Daniel Thomassen
The Baltic Sea and Current German Naval Strategy by Dr. Sebastian Bruns
Putting it Back Together Again: European Undersea Warfare for the 21st Century by Andrew Metrick

South America
Latin American Navies Combat Illegal Fishing by W. Alejandro Sanchez

General National Security
The Problem with Personnel Reform: Who Are the Army’s Best and Brightest? by Robert P. Callahan, Jr.
crossposted from Small Wars Journal
Ten Principles of Ethical Conduct by CAPT Mark Vandroff, USN
A Conversation with Wargaming Grandmaster Dr. Phil Sabin by LCDR Christopher Nelson, USN

Featured Image: Phillipine Marines practice an ampbhibious landing. 2015 AFP PHOTO/TED Aljibe