The Bilge Pumps 1 – Launch Episode!

By Alex Clarke

So it’s happened, we did three episodes and the listeners have spoken, at least the ones we’ve heard from, and it was a big thumbs up. So we’re here to stay, we even have our own channel – which is lovely and currently squeaky clean, but give us five minutes and we’ll have it full of ship pictures, models, books, and probably some comfy recliners. After all, we have to make ourselves at home!

We are The Bilge Pumps, a podcast crew of three naval geeks, with occasional guests, who squeak a lot about naval stuff and sometimes when moving. We include myself – Alex Clarke – known as much for my addiction to Irn Bru as my PhD and NavalHistoryLive Youtube channel, Alex ‘Drach’ Pocklington, also known for his love of Irn Bru and being an engineering savant, but mainly for the excellent Drachinfinel Youtube channel, and Jamie Seidel, journalist with a passion for armored carriers so great he has set up a website, a Youtube channel, and a Twitter feed all about them. Join us for what is an informative, but also humorous take on current-ish affairs in the maritime and naval world.

These roughly 70-minute podcasts will hopefully make you smile as much they think you think, so please listen, enjoy, and feel free to send us topic suggestions to our Twitter feeds, just make sure to include #Bilgepumps when you do.

Download The Bilge Pumps 1 – Launch Episode!


Alex Clarke is the producer of The Bilge Pumps podcast.

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One thought on “The Bilge Pumps 1 – Launch Episode!”

  1. Interesting show and entertaining as well. Thanks. For a nice map of south Pacific chokepoints, checkout the recent CIMSEC article on chokepoints, The map is high quality and very descriptive.

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