Short Story Fiction Week Kicks Off on CIMSEC

By Dmitry Filipoff

This week CIMSEC will be featuring fictional short stories submitted in response to our call for articles. Authors will explore national security topics through fiction and present compelling narratives. We thank these authors for their excellent stories. 

The Tree of Life” by Mike Barretta
From Sea to Sky” by David Alman
No Decision” by Walker Mills
Dreams, Nightmares, and Talking Tigers” by Griffin Cannon
Lifeblood” by Evan D’Alessandro
At the Moral Level” by MAJ Ian Brown, USMC
Screaming Justice” by Rob Carter
Shatner” by MAJ Brian Kerg, USMC
Scratch One UpDown” by Chris “Junior” Cannon
Blue Death” by Chris Rawley
Plum Blossom” by Austin Reid
Operation Tripolitan” by Jared Samuelson

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Contact him at

Featured Image: “Teleportation Missile Frigate” by Mark Li via Artstation

One thought on “Short Story Fiction Week Kicks Off on CIMSEC”

  1. I was amazed at the superior quality of all of the fictional articles published. Great writing with more than a mere glimpse of possible reality and proof positive that the spirit of Tom Clancy is alive and well, within CIMSEC. Bravo Zulu to all!

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