Sea Control 78 – US China Strategic Competition and New Voices

seacontrol2This week’s podcast grapples with geopolitics in Asia. Natalie Sambhi (Australian Strategic Policy Institute) interviews Evan Laksmana (Center for Strategic and International Studies in Jakarta) and Andrew Kwon (Alliance 21, United States Studies Centre in Sydney) on Asia’s maritime disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea, US–China strategic competition, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, alliance politics, and a potential role for Indonesia and Australia in diplomacy and crisis management.

All three were honoured to be speakers and participants on Friday at New Voices 2015, hosted by the Lowy Institute for International Policy where Evan is a Visiting Fellow. The views expressed in this podcast are personal views and do not represent the views of their respective organisations or affiliations.

DOWNLOAD: US China Strategic Competition and New Voices

Production: Matthew Hipple
Host: Natalie Sambhi
Music: Sam LaGrone

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