Sea Control 426 – “Every Ship a SAG” with LT Kyle Cregge

By Andrea Howard

LT Kyle Cregge joins the podcast to discuss his March 2023 article, “Every Ship a SAG,” published by CIMSEC. LT Cregge is a surface warfare officer slated to relieve as the Operations Officer on USS Pickney. The conversation covers his vision of incorporating Large Unmanned Surface Vehicles (LUSV) into the fleet, in support of turning every ship into its own Surface Action Group (SAG).

Download Sea Control 426 – “Every Ship a SAG” with LT Kyle Cregge


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Andrea Howard is Co-Host of the Sea Control podcast. Contact the podcast team at

This episode was edited and produced by Nathan Miller.

3 thoughts on “Sea Control 426 – “Every Ship a SAG” with LT Kyle Cregge”

  1. Article and conversation war quite amateur-ish. This level of conversation needs significant guidance from a senior level of SWOs to discuss SAG(s) in the context of Operational Art. Especially within todays war fighting plans.

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