Sea Control 379 – Pacific Wars, 1864-1897, and the Making of the U.S. Navy with Dr. Tommy Jamison

By Walker Mills

Dr. Tommy Jamison, an assistant professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, joins the program to discuss his doctoral dissertation “Pacific Wars: Peripheral Conflict and the Making of the US New Navy, 1864-1897.” Dr. Jamison covers the overlooked role of Pacific navies on the development of the United States Navy.

Download Sea Control 379 – Pacific Wars 1864-1897 with Dr. Tommy Jamison


1. “Pacific Wars: Peripheral Conflict and the Making of the US New Navy, 1864-1897,” by Tommy Jamison, Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 2020.
2. “Looks Like a Chilean War:” The Baltimore Incident as a Counterfactual Exercise,” by Tommy Jamison, CIMSEC October 22, 2015.
3. Sea Control 239: “Things Done By Halves” with Dr. BJ Armstrong, CIMSEC, April 11, 2021. 

Walker Mills is Co-Host of the Sea Control podcast and a Senior Editor for CIMSEC. Contact the podcast team at

This episode was edited and produced by Marie Williams.

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