Publication Release: Africa Compendium

Africa CompAuthors:
Breuk Bass
Mark Hay
Matt Hipple
Timothy Baker
Dirk Steffen
James Bridger
Emil Maine
Charlotte Florance

Matt Hipple
Chris Papas
Scott Cheney-Peters

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Over the preceding decade Africa has faced a variety of maritime challenges. Unsurprisingly, many of our authors have focused on the scourge of piracy that has cycled through boom and bust near the Horn of Africa and is making its presence felt in the Gulf of Guinea. Other maritime challenges, from smuggling and terrorism to ecological disaster and mass migration, also face the nations and people on the continent and those across its seas. In this compendium our authors start to approach the varied problems and complicated growth of modern naval and maritime security forces.

East Africa: More Than Just Pirates
– Breuk Bass
East Africa: A Historical Lack of Navies
– Mark Hay
Al-Shabaab is Only the Beginning
– Matt Hipple
Africa: “A Problem as Unique as its Constituent
– Timothy Baker
Troubled Waters? The Use of the Nigerian Navy
and Police in Private Maritime Security Roles
– Dirk Steffen
Risks in Contracting Governement Security
Forces in the Gulf of Guinea
– Dirk Steffen
Disturbing the Pond: A Missing Tanker in the Gulf
of Guinea
– James Bridger
Balanced Public/Private Effort for West African
Maritime Security
– Emil Maine and Charlotte Florance

The Shifting Center of Gravity for Piracy in Africa
– Mark Munson
West Africa: An Ounce of Prevention
– Paul Pryce
The Legalities of Gulf of Guinea Maritime Crime with Suggested Solutions
– Herbert Anyiam

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