October Recap

Announcements and Updates
Alternative Naval Force Structure Week Kicks Off on CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff
Alternative Naval Force Structure Week Concludes on CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff
Open Call for Articles: Navy Ratings, Phillipine Alliance, New Marine Corps Operating Concept by Dmitry Filipoff
September Recap by Dmitry Filipoff
CIMSEC DC October Meet-Up by Scott Cheney-Peters
Pledge to the CIMSEC Kickstarter by Roger Misso
CIMSEC & Atlantic Council Fiction Contest on Autonomy and Future War Kicks Off by Dmitry Filipoff

Alternative Naval Force Structure Topic Week
The Perils of Alternative Force Structure by Steve Wills
Unmanned-Centric Force Structure by Javier Gonzalez
Proposing A Modern High Speed Transport –  The Long Range Patrol Vessel by Tom Meyer

No Time To Spare: Drawing on History to Inspire Capability Innovation in Today’s Navy by Bob Hein
Enhancing Existing Force Structure by Optimizing Maritime Service Specialization by Eric Beaty
Augment Naval Force Structure By Upgunning The Coast Guard by Chuck Hill
A Fleet Plan for 2045: The Navy the U.S. Ought to be Building by Jan Musil
Closing Remarks on Changing Naval Force Structure by CAPT Wayne P. Hughes Jr., USN (Ret.)

Commodore Dudley Wright Knox — Sailor, Writer, Sage by Christopher Nelson with Dr. David Kohnen

Members’ Roundup
Members’ Roundup: September 2016 by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Naval Applications of Robotic Birds by Terence Bennett
Moving Forward: Evolution of the Maritime Operations Center by William Lawler and Jonathan Will
crossposted from MOC Warfighter
I held an Amazon “Flipped” Meeting at My Squadron and Here’s What Happened
by Jared Wilhelm

Autonomous Warfare: An Operational Concept to
Optimize Distributed Lethality
by Coleman Ward
Naval Strategy Returns to Lead the POM
by Steve Wills
An Interview with Vice Admiral Tom Rowden on the Future of the Surface Navy
by Dmitry Filipoff

Countering Chinese Expansion Through Mass Enlightenment by James E. Fanell and Ryan D. Martinson
Indo-U.S. Logistics Agreement LEMOA: An Assessment by Gurpreet S. Khurana
crossposted from the National Maritime Foundation

Future Roles for the Arctic Council by Ian Birdwell

Entering the Bear’s Lair: Russia’s A2/AD Bubble in the Baltic Sea by Bret Perry
crossposted from The National Interest
The Role of Cruisers in Promoting Russian Presence and Deterrence in Peacetime by Alexander Clarke

Middle East
U.S., Israel, and Sea Power in the East Med by Seth Cropsey

South America
The UNCLS Ruling and the Future of the Uruguayan Navy by W. Alejandro Sanchez

Enemy Mine by Mark Sable
Fitness Function
by Mark Jacobsen

General National Security
The Problem of Mission Command by L. Burton Brender
crossposted from The Bridge

Featured Image: YOKOSUKA, Japan (Aug. 8, 2014) Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), arrives in Fleet Activities Yokosuka after a three-month patrol. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Liam Kennedy/Released)

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