Notes to the New CNO Series Kicks Off on CIMSEC

By Dmitry Filipoff

For the next two weeks, CIMSEC will be featuring short articles submitted in response to our Call for Notes to the New CNO. In this special series, authors will convey their thoughts on what they believe are the most pressing issues for the U.S. Navy’s new top leader, Acting Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Lisa Franchetti. From calls for new naval strategies and approaches to force design, to competing with a rising China and personnel retention issues, the Navy’s new leadership is confronting myriad challenging issues.

The featured authors are listed below, and will be updated with more names as the series unfolds.

The United States Navy Needs an Operational Level of War Strategy to Inform Fleet Design,” by Steve Wills

Create a New Doctrine for Applying Learning Strategies to Warfighting Challenges,” by CDR Paul Nickell

Focus on Culture for Success in the AI Era,” by Harrison Schramm

Dusting Off the Z-Gram: Getting Real with Recruiting and Retention,” by Lt. Sam Strauss

Counter China’s Goal of Displacing American Command of the Sea,” by Robert C. Rubel

Empowering Division Officers and Enhancing Sailor Stability,” by Lt. Upton Wallace

Revamp Force Design for Sea Control and Joint Integration,” by Commanders Andrew “Kramer” Tenbusch and Trevor “Mrs.” Phillips-Levine

The Navy Must Rediscover its Roots and Recommit to Small Combatants,” by Victor Sussman

Capitalize on Allied Capabilities to Succeed at Sea – A View from Spain,” by Gonzalo Vazquez

Rebalance the Fleet Toward Being a Truly Expeditionary Navy,” by Anthony Cowden

Organize Campaigns of Learning and Reshape the Defense Analysis Paradigm,” by John Hanley

Empowering Enlisted Sailors: The Imperative for Expanded Educational Opportunities in the U.S. Navy,” by Petty Officer 2nd Class Richard Rodgers

Get Real Get Better about Digital HR for Sailors,” by Artem Sherbinin and Daniel Stefanus

Down Select and Commit To Uncrewed Surface Systems,” by LCDR U.H. (Jack) Rowley (ret.)

Man The Fleet and Reduce Sailor Exhaustion,” by Capt. John Cordle (ret.)

Sailors Matter Most: Incentivize Education and Cultivate Learning Leaders,” by Sean F. X. Barrett, Mie Augier, and William F. Mullen, III

Lead the Fight Against Climate Change and Transnational Crime in the Indian Ocean,” by Commander Amila Prasanga, Sri Lankan Navy

Prototype the Bi-Modal Naval Force,” by Shelley Gallup

Improve the Culture and Mechanisms of Naval Learning,” by Commander Art Valeri

Ask the Public for Material Sacrifice to Narrow the Civ-Mil Divide,” by Michael D. Purzycki

Be Mindful of JADC2’s Emission Risks,” by Richard Mosier

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Contact him at

Featured Image: Washington DC (September 14, 2023) Vice Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Lisa Franchetti answers questions from members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during her confirmation hearing. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communications Specialist Amanda R. Gray)

One thought on “Notes to the New CNO Series Kicks Off on CIMSEC”

  1. The CNO should take a hard look at materiel readiness and familiarize herself with the state of our subs, ships, aircraft, weapons inventories, support equipment and supporting intermediate and depot maintenance capabilities. Look at the fleet we have and let THAT inform what we need. Given FYDP realities, it will be a great service if she can hand her successor a well-reasoned execution year budget aimed at increasing the amount of ready-to-fight materiel on, under, and aloft over the seas.

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