Join Us Online Today for the CIMSEC Forum for Authors and Readers (CFAR)

By Jimmy Drennan

Please join us this Thursday evening, August 27th, for the 2020 CIMSEC Forum for Author and Readers (CFAR), presented via Zoom by the Center for Naval Analyses. This annual event brings you together with your favorite CIMSEC authors over the past year. Authors will discuss the articles you voted for, and you will be able to ask them questions directly. Plus, the esteemed Alex, Drach, and Jamie from our new Bilge Pumps podcast will kick off the event! Don’t miss it!

For the first time ever, CFAR will be held online, which should give many more of you the opportunity to participate!

Click Here to Join via Zoom! (500-person limit)

Agenda (all times ET):
6:00 – Welcome
6:05 – Introduction by The Bilge Pumps
6:20 – “Star Gazing: Why Do We Have So Many Flag Officers?” by James L. McClane and Kevin Eyer
6:40 – “Reflecting the Law of the Sea: In Defense of the Bay of Bengal’s Grey Area”  by Cornell Overfield
7:00 – “Clausewitz, Corbett and Corvettes,” by Sascha Rackwitz
7:20 – “How China has Overtaken Japan in Naval Power and Why it Matters,” by Toshi Yoshihara
7:40 – “The Future of Aircraft Carriers: Consider the Air Wing, Not the Platform,” by Robert Rubel
8:00 – Closing Remarks

We hope to see you all online!

Jimmy Drennan is the President of CIMSEC. Contact him at

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