Flotilla SITREP: Warfighting Management and the Art versus Science of War

By Dmitry Filipoff

This month the CIMSEC Warfighting Flotilla will be hosting sessions on how warfighters can be better managers at cultivating warfighting skill, and debating how war is an art and science, including how this debate is reflected in modern naval command. If you haven’t already, sign up through the form below to become a Flotilla member and receive the invites to our upcoming off-the-record September discussions. The full listings for these upcoming discussions are featured down below.

Feel free to visit the Flotilla homepage to learn more about this community, its activities, and what drives it.


Upcoming September Sessions

Management for Warfighting Excellence

Warfighters are often encumbered by numerous demands that challenge their ability to develop deep skill in warfighting. How can warfighters act through the multitude of management responsibilities to better prioritize warfighting? What management practices can make a focus on warfighting more tangible at the deckplate level? Join us to discuss these questions as we consider how to practically orient management more toward warfighting. 

Read Ahead: Management Makes Warfighting Possible,” by CDR DeVere Crooks.

Debating the Art and Science of Naval Warfighting

The debate on whether war is more art or science is almost as ancient as conflict itself. This debate has real consequences for how military leaders and organizations conceive of conflict, and develop formal processes to structure preparation. Is naval warfare more art than science? What is the interrelationship, and how is it reflected in how naval command is exercised today? Join us to discuss these questions as we consider the impact of the art vs. science debate on modern naval operations and planning.

Read Ahead: Planning for the Next War Must Be a Mixture of Art & Science,” by RADM Patrick Piercey (ret).

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content and Community Manager of the Warfighting Flotilla. Contact him at Content@cimsec.org.

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