Flotilla SITREP: Surface Navy Tactical Skill, China’s Aircraft Carriers, and Aerial Drones at Sea

By Dmitry Filipoff

In January the CIMSEC Warfighting Flotilla will discuss the state of tactical excellence in the Surface Navy, China’s growing aircraft carrier capability, and the potential implications of small aerial drones at sea. If you haven’t already, sign up through the form below to become a Flotilla member and receive the invites to our upcoming off-the-record January discussions. The full listings for these upcoming discussions are featured down below.

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Upcoming January Sessions

The State of Tactical Excellence in the Surface Navy

The Surface Navy is looking to improve its tactical skills to meet the demands of high-end warfighting. What is the state of tactical learning today in the Surface Navy and how are things trending? How can the Surface Navy better organize to improve its tactical development and professionally incentivize above average tactical skill? Join us to consider these questions as we consider the state of tactical excellence in the Surface Navy.

Read Aheads:

“The Surface Navy: Still in Search of Tactics,” by Captain Christopher H. Johnson

“What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There,” by Vice Admiral Roy Kitchener, Rear Admiral Brad Cooper, and Rear Admiral Paul Schlise

China’s Growing Aircraft Carrier Capability

China has fielded multiple new aircraft carriers within only several years. As a newcomer to carrier operations, China has much to learn in employing this complex capability. What force development challenges may China face in developing its carrier forces? What are the long-term ramifications of China’s carrier capability for Indo-Pacific security? Join us to discuss these questions and more as we consider the implications of China’s new carriers.

Read Ahead: “Lessons from the Changing Geometry of PLA Navy Carrier Ops,” by CDR Michael Dahm, (ret.)

Warships and Aerial Drone Warfare

Small aerial drones have the potential to dramatically change maritime operations, both in the gray zone and in conflict. What kinds of concepts of operations can small drones enable when deployed from ships? How can drones be used to shape norms below the threshold of war? Join us to discuss these questions and more as we consider the potential of small aerial drones at sea.

Read Ahead: “Responding to Drone Swarms at Sea,” by LCDR Kristopher Thornburg

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content and Community Manager of the Warfighting Flotilla. Contact him at Content@cimsec.org.

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