Flotilla Notes Series Kicks Off on CIMSEC

By Dmitry Filipoff

Two years ago, CIMSEC launched an expansive new initiative the Warfighting Flotilla. In the Flotilla, warfighters and navalists come together to discuss naval warfighting, operational learning, and the state of the naval profession. Since its founding, this new naval professional society has grown to more than 450 members and hosted dozens of virtual discussions.

CIMSEC is launching a special series of short notes to commemorate the second anniversary of the Flotilla. Flotilla members were provided with a specific prompt: In 500 words or less, how can warfighting be better prioritized through deliberate management? What practical steps can leaders take to emphasize warfighting in their organizations? Members were encouraged to share their thoughts on how to translate a focus on warfighting first into tangible practices.

The featured authors are listed below, and we thank them for their contributions. Also see our upcoming Flotilla sessions for November, and visit the Flotilla homepage to join our growing membership and learn more about this community, its activities, and what drives it.

Warfighting Culture Starts with the CO,” by Jamie McGrath

Prepare for the Spectrum of Competition and Warfighting,” by Doug Kettler

Command by Example: Learning from San Jacinto’s War Council,” by Capt. Matthew Sharpe (ret.) and GSCM Rich Feldman (ret.)

Risk and Time: Calculating Tradeoffs in Warfighting Management,” by Barney Rubel

Focus Areas for Putting Warfighting First,” by CDR Paul Nickell

Streamline Certification and Leverage Lessons Learned,” by Tony Carrillo

Senior Leaders Must Own the Lack of Warfighting Focus,” by CDR Paul W. Viscovich, USN (ret.)

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content and Community Manager of the Flotilla. Contact him at Content@cimsec.org.

Featured Image: PACIFIC OCEAN (July 14, 2016) Sailors aboard the guided-missile cruiser USS Princeton (CG 59) fire an RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missile during an international sinking exercise, or SINKEX, for Rim of the Pacific 2016. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jason Noble/Released)

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