CIMSEC February Recap


Distributed Lethality Task Force Launches CIMSEC Topic Week by Ryan Kelly
CIMSEC Releases First 2016 Compendium by Matt Merighi
January Recap by Dmitry Filipoff
Invite – Feb 18 – CIMSEC DC’s Distributed Lethality Meet Up by Scott Cheney-Peters
CFAR 2016 Nominations Now Open by Scott Cheney-Peters
Distributed Lethality Week Kicks Off on CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff
Write for CIMSEC by Dmitry Filipoff

Distributed Lethality Topic Week
A Tactical Doctrine for Distributed Lethality by Jeff E. Kline, CAPT, USN, (ret)
Distributed Lethality: Old Opportunities for New Operations by Matthew Hipple
Enabling Distributed Lethality: The Role of Naval Cryptology by LCDR Chuck Hall and LCDR David T. Spalding
Distributed Leathernecks by LCDR Chris O’Connor

The Legal Implications of Arming MSC Ships by Anthony Freedman and Mark Rosen
Distributed Lethality, Non-Traditional Fleets, and the Law of War by Chris Rawley
Implementing Distributed Lethality within the Joint Operational Access Concept by LCDR Collin Fox

Enabling Distributed Lethality by LCDR Josh Heivly
Reconfiguring Air Cushioned Vehicles to Enhance Distributed Lethality by John Devlin
The Elephant in the Room: E2-D and Distributed Lethality by LCDR Christopher Moran and LT Ryan Heilmann
Distributed Lethality: China is Doing it Right by Alan Cummings
Unleashing Unit Lethality: Revising Operational & Promotion Paradigms by ENS Daniel Stefanus

Publication Releases
Distributed Lethality 2015 Week Compendium
Chinese Military Strategy Week Compendium
Distributed Lethality 2016 Week Compendium

Sea Control
Sea Control 108-Expertise with Prof. Tom Nichols hosted by Matt Hipple
Sea Control 109 CAPT Raimondo & Navy FITREPS hosted by Matthew Merighi
Sea Control 110 Small Arms Control and the South Pacific hosted by Natalie Sambhi

On Naval History, Books, and Coal: An Interview with Rear Admiral James Goldrick RAN (ret.) by Christopher Nelson

Member Round Up
January 2016 Members Roundup Part 1 by Sam Cohen

8-12 Feburary 2016 Events of Interest by Emil Maine
14-21 February 2016 Events of Interest by Scott Cheney-Peters
29 February- 4 March 2016 Events of Interest by Scott Cheney-Peters and Emil Maine

Naval Affairs
Series: 21st Century Maritime Operations under Cyber-Electromagnetic Operations by Jon Solomon
crossposted from Information Dissemination
Part One
Part Two
Declassified: U.S. Nuclear Weapons at Sea by Hans M. Kristensen
crossposted from Federation of American Scientists
North Korea and Asymmetric Naval Warfare by Paul Pryce
People Not Parts: Returning Ingenuity and Tenacity to our Officer Corps by Ian Akisoglu

Trailblazers In Warfighting: The Maritime Militia of Danzhou by Andrew S. Erickson and Conor M. Kennedy
Series: U.S. Department of State Seeks to Clarify Meaning of China’s Nine Dash Line Claim by Alex Calvo

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Little Fallout: Vietnam’s Security Policy after the 12th Congress of the Vietnam Communist Party by Zachary Abuza and Nguyen Nhat Anh
India: International Fleet Review 2016 by Commodore RS Vasan
crossposted from South Asia Analysis Group
China’s Middle East Balancing Act by Adam MacDonald
crossposted from the Conference of Defense Associations Institute

Middle East
Farsi Island and Matters of Honor by Jake Bebber

Western Hemisphere
How Peaceful is the South Atlantic? by W. Alejandro Sanchez
Whence the Threat? Lessons from Argentina’s Air-Naval Arsenal in 2015 by Hal Wilson
crossposted from the Phoenix Think Tank

Apple Thinks It Is Protecting Freedom. It’s Wrong. Here’s Why. by Dave Schroeder

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