CFAR 2019 Winners Announced for July 16 Event at CNA

The votes are in and CIMSEC members have chosen the top authors they want to present at CFAR! Below are the winners for the respective CNA and CIMSEC categories. Not all winners will be able to attend, but many will present on their articles to provide more insight, context, and updates. 

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Location: Center for Naval Analyses, 3003 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201
Time: 6-8pm

As always, thanks to the generous support of CNA and our contributors for helping us bring you this event, and congratulations to the winners!

CNA Category Winners

The Case for Maritime Security in an Era of Great Power Competition – Joshua Tallis

Nuclear Arms Control without a Treaty? Risks and Options After NEW START – Vince Manzo

CIMSEC Category Winners

Sea Control at the Tactical Level of War – Adam Humayun

Chinese Shipbuilding and Seapower: Full Steam Ahead, Destination Uncharted – Andrew Erickson

Then What? Wargaming the Interface Between Strategy and Operations – Barney Rubel

How the Fleet Forgot to Fight – Dmitry Filipoff

The Deep Ocean: Seabed Warfare and the Defense of Undersea Infrastructure – Bill Glenney

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