CFAR 2017 Nominees – Vote Now!

Please join us in congratulating the following nominees for CFAR 2017.:

CNA Category Nominees

Becoming a Great Maritime Power: A Chinese Dream
Mike McDevitt, CNA

Naval Coercion and Escalation Control in South Asia
Ryan W. French, CNA

The Future of U.S.-India Naval Relations
Nilanthi Samaranayake, CNA

Use of Unmanned Systems by the Russian Military
Samuel Bendett, CNA

Weighted West, Focused on the Indian Ocean and Cooperating across the Indo-Pacific: The Indian Navy’s New Maritime Strategy, Capabilities, and Diplomacy
Satu Limaye, CNA

CIMSEC Category Nominees

Don’t Give Up on the Littoral Combat Ship 
Kaitlin Smith

Other Than War: HA/DR and Geopolitics
Joshua Tallis

Is Sea Shepherd a Navy? A CIMSEC Debate
Chris Rawley, Claude Berube, and Ryan Mewett

Naval Strategy Returns to Lead the POM
Steve Wills

Russia’s Manoeuvring of Conflicts for Enhancing Military Exports
Vidya Sagar Reddy

Sea Control 127 – Dr. Tom Fedyszyn on Russian Navy Ops, Acquisition, and Doctrine
Dr. Tom Fedyszyn

Distributed Lethality: The Future of the Helicopter Sea Combat Community Lieutenant Commander
Michael S. Silver

Terrorists on the Ocean: Sea Monsters in the 21st Century
Robert N. Hein

For Want of a Broadside: Why the Marines Need More Naval Fire Support
Vince DePinto

A Niger Delta Militant Group Declares War on the Nigerian Navy
Dirk Steffen

Norway Faces a New Era of Russian Realpolitik in the Arctic
Daniel Thomassen

Circles in Surface Warfare Training
Steve Wills

Arctic Security and Legal Issues in the 21st Century: An Interview with CDR Sean Fahey
Sean Fahey

Riding A New Wave of Professionalization and Militarization: Sansha City’s Maritime Militia
Conor Kennedy and Andrew Erickson

Innovative Leadership Development: Why and How
Joe Schuman

I Held an Amazon “Flipped” Meeting At My Squadron and Here’s What Happened
Jared Wilhelm

Farsi Island: Surface Warfare’s Wake-up Call
Alan Cummings

Japan’s Izumo-Class Helicopter Destroyer: An Aircraft Carrier In Disguise
Matthew Gamble

We need your help determining what authors and issues will be highlighted at CFAR 2017! The authors of the top vote-getting articles will be invited to speak at the May 1st event on the article topic, so consider what you’d like an update on or what author you’d like to press with questions. All CIMSEC members are eligible to vote here now.  If you’re not yet a CIMSEC member, it’s free and easy to sign up here for eligibility to vote.  And don’t forget to RSVP to the event!

As always, thanks to the generous support of CNA and the U.S. Naval Institute for helping us bring you this event, and congratulations to the nominees!

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