Call for Articles: The Red Sea Crisis and Combat Operations

Articles Due: April 15, 2024
Topic Week Dates: April 29-May 3, 2024

Article Length: 1,5000-3,000 Words
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By Dmitry Filipoff

The Red Sea has become a scene of major action as an international coalition protects shipping from Houthi attacks. Warships have shot down dozens of missiles and drones in a bid to secure vital sea lanes, but commercial ships continue to take hits. The attacks have managed to heavily influence the operations and decision-making of major shipping companies, prompting global economic consequences. The coalition has gone on the offensive and struck Houthi targets with an aim toward degrading their capability to continue the strike campaign, but the threat persists. 

The combat operations in the Red Sea offer a variety of lessons and insights. From the tactical management of air defense capability, to the strategic employment of navies in defense of global commons, the Red Sea has become an exemplary case of the challenges of war at sea and the importance of naval power. 

What can we learn from the operations in the Red Sea? How may navies process this experience to improve their warfighting skill and their strategic employment? How may naval power be brought to bear against the Houthi threat to decisively conclude this operation and restore stability? Authors are invited to address these questions and more as we examine the significance of this uniquely maritime crisis. Send all submissions to

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Contact him at

Featured Image: The Red Sea as seen from space. (NASA photo)

3 thoughts on “Call for Articles: The Red Sea Crisis and Combat Operations”

  1. Afternoon Dmitry,

    Two offerings, either of them of interest/relevance to the call?

    (1) China’s role (and presence) in the Red Sea crisis – where it is what China is “not” doing rather than what it is doing that is the issue?

    Italy’s Red Sea operations, incorporating an “Enlarged Mediterranean” to Indo-Pacific strategic shift

    Best wishes

    David Scott

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